Small Things Podcasts

We love to talk Small Things with friendly people on our podcast!

Sarah and Erin interview Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove about his Jan. 29th visit to Sycamore Creek Church in Lansing, Mich.

We launched early in January 2017 with an episode on Covenantal Friendship, a key theme in The Year of Small Things. Hear Sarah and Erin unpack what that hefty phrase means, as well as the impact it’s made in our lives since we started our YoST years.

(I keep calling it YoST in the hopes the acronym will stick. So far I’m the only one.)

Our schedule’s full of people who challenge us with their stories and insights. We’ve had new monasticism’s Shane Claiborne, spiritual writer and speaker Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, author Margot Starbuck, and other colleagues on the program. Others, such as renegade farmer Joel Salatin, are coming up soon.

The goal is biweekly audio interviews with folks we reference in the book, people we’re inspired by, and plenty of Sarah and Erin breaking down just how it is we’re still doing this Year of Small Things thing.

You’re going to want to hear this. Stream here, or see the link below to download episode 1 — our intro to YoST:

Click here to listen to all the episodes we’ve published.