Our story

One church. One city. One year. Twelve small but radical changes.

That’s our story in a nutshell. That’s what we tell in this book: each chapter a different month, each month a different practice, all cumulatively conspiring to make us a little less “normal,” a lot more vulnerable, way more honest, and, we hope, a bit more like Jesus than we were last year. Ready to jump in?

You can start by reading “The Year of Small Things: 10 Things to Know,” a blog post about the top questions we get asked about the project. Or learn more about how this book idea came about in a recent blog post, Mapping out the Year of Small Things.

The conversations we bring about in the book and on this blog are meant to be reflected on in community. After your local church, joining our public Facebook group is another great place to begin to ask questions, meet fellow “small things” people, and talk about your own small but radical changes.

(Coming soon: How to launch a Year of Small Things group, year and month of small things jump-starts, and inspirations behind our practices and values.)