Small group resources

The best part about The Year of Small Things is sharing The Year of Small Things with other people.

Whether it’s your church group or a gaggle of close friends, reading the book with others can create a space for you to take your first small steps. As you’re discerning what small things God might have planned for you, others are right there with you, cheering you on and praying with you.

Your small group (life group, community group, etc.) can be tailored to fit your group size and time constraints. You can read a chapter ahead of time, then meet to reflect. Read a section and then discuss using the questions at the end of each chapter of the book. Or study Hebrews 13 while you fly over the themes of the book. Other ideas:

Practice creating haiku poetry with each chapter’s main idea. (And if you do, please email them to us STAT.)

Create desserts around the theme “Small Things” (again, we’re going to need to see them, just for research).

Or do a small group via Skype with someone half a world (or a mile) away. Small group in your comfy pants!

Small groups might be different from the covenantal relationships you make with another person or a couple people. The intent of a small group is to ignite your imagination, prepare you or sustain you through your own “small things,” and to further strengthen relationships with your church and the people in it.

To get you started, check out the leader’s guide, test-run and compiled by Sarah Arthur. Sadly she is not running a dessert or haiku group. Maybe next semester.

Not ready to start a small group in person? Start a conversation with our Facebook group.