Three cheers for Sarah Arthur’s Pushcart nomination

Many, many congratulations to coauthor Sarah Arthur on her Pushcart Prize nomination from Awst Press! It’s a big deal. She’s a big deal, but she won’t let anyone say that, of course.

From her essay, The Least of Us:

“… I know from experience how this conversation goes. I will say, “I’m happy to buy you a ticket, but I can’t give you money.” And he’ll say some variation on, “I won’t catch a train right away, so really, a couple dollars for a sandwich while I wait…” And then I’ll say, firmly, “I have a granola bar and a cheese stick right here.” But by then the game will be up.

I suddenly miss my two little boys with an ache like mild electrocution. I look him in the eyes. I want him to see that I see him. I want him to know that he is known—if not by me, then by a God who, like a mother, knows us. All our desires, longings, addictions, agonies…all of it.”

Read the full, heartbreaking story on Awst.

If her story leaves you wondering how one lives with a heart broken open like she describes, welcome. You’re in good company: our lives swirl around that question. (Yet, I assure you, we’re also capable of laughing at ourselves. For example, I’m laughing now because I remember Sarah saying that writing this piece for Awst was going to be the death of her. I’m grateful she exaggerates.)

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Peace for your conversations and for your Advent season.