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Interviews, reviews, and more about The Year of Small Things: Radical Faith for the Rest of Us — 

Though the bulk of the book is driven by personal experiences, the authors provide valuable guidelines on intentionally bringing faith into daily life, making it accessible for Christian readers looking to reinvigorate their everyday spiritual practices.

~ Publisher’s Weekly


“Here is where I want my kids’ focus: on the small ways we can live the way of Jesus. Today. And tomorrow. And the day after that.”

~ Erin F. Wasinger at Red Letter Christians


“This funny and grace-filled project shows that living simply is doable—especially if you’ve got a supportive team.”

~ForeWord Reviews


“I can’t think about any part of this Year of Small Things experiment without thinking about the kids. They’re an ever-present part of the equation; maybe they’re even something deeper than some outside influence on any process. ”

~Erin F. Wasinger in the Author Answers column @ The Word Nerds blog


“There’s plenty of poverty in rural areas, there’s plenty of poverty, surprisingly enough, in suburbia. … This was very eye-opening for me.”

~ Sarah Arthur, talking about The Year of Small Things on Noah Filipiak’s Behind the Curtain podcast


“I knew that my future husband, Tom, was a different kind of guy when he announced on one of our first dates, “So, I have this lifelong mission statement.”

~ Sarah Arthur at the Redbud Post


“Material simplicity is a huge part of the gospel  … it’s not letting the material things of the world have a grip on you.”

~Sarah Arthur on “Encounter,” a show on Lay Renewal radio


“Even when it’s hard, and it is hard, you are growing in the character of Christ … by reconciling with neighbors when things go wrong, by staying no matter what.”

~Erin Wasinger on “Woman to Woman,” a radio show by Kathy Thomas


Let’s be “accountable to do good stuff.”

~ Sarah Arthur and Erin Wasinger on the Renovare Podcast.