A ‘Small Things’ Goodreads giveaway, free calendar

Isn’t it beautiful? Download the whole calendar — the link’s in the blog post!

What if we made new year’s resolutions with relationships in mind? What if The Year of Small Things were the framework for that kind of change-making? Tidings of joy, friends: we’ve got a GIVEAWAY and a FREE CALENDAR to help you with that.

The FREE calendar is available for download here: Small Things Calendar 2018! It’s our gift to you, to keep you and your group focused on topics in the book, from finances to self-care to social justice. Keep your year of small things on track — simply download, print, and use!


Our publisher is offering a Year of Small Things Goodreads giveaway this month! Through Jan. 30, you can enter to win a copy of The Year of Small Things (here). Who doesn’t love a FREE BOOK!? Did you enter yet? Go do that!

We’re super geeked to share both those goodies with you all.

First, it’s just fun to give things away.

Second, with all the cliched things you hear about resolutions, your small, intentional practices of better loving God and our neighbors has a greater chance of sticking. These small things are not resolutions. They’re not obnoxious add-ons to your already-busy calendar. There’s no membership fee, no scales. This isn’t a get-more-holy-quick scheme.

It’s simply you and some close friends, committed to making your life look a little more like Jesus’s by this time next year.


What small thing is first on your list? Put it on that gorgeous calendar and make it happen, captain.